Bobonee Lavender Bear

Bobonee♥™ lavender bear is hand made from the highest quality materials filled with only premium Australian wheat that is free from agricultural pests and insect larvae.

Bobonee♥™ is filled with extra premium grade lavender that ensures only the very best material is used to provide you comfort that can be safely used anywhere while travelling, relaxing or need a friend to cuddle during cold evenings as a bed warmer!

Bobonee♥™ ensures best quality materials are used inside and out to provide you the ultimate comfort. The workmanship is strictly made in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand Toy Safety Standards ensuring you are using a safe and quality product from Australia.

Bobonee♥™ is proud to be Australian! And Bobonee♥™ is loved by people around the world in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia and North America.

Use in accordance to product guidelines and labels. Love Bobonee♥™ and he will love you back forever!